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What's the Best in-Budget Video Editing Laptop in 2017?!

Budget Video Editing Laptop 2017

In this little piece of article, I'll try to answer your, and possibly thousands of other curious minds' question.

Question: What's the Best and Budget Video Editing Laptop in 2017?

How to Build a Career on YouTube - (5 Steps to Follow)

How to Build a Career on YouTube - (5 Steps to Follow)

So you want to start YouTube?

That's why you opened it.

If you're one of those readers who might think 'nah, I just want to see what's written in there'…

Well, an article reveals a study that says, "the more explicit a headline is as to the reader take away, the more the headline resonates."

So, if you click on this blog post, then there is a desire, motivation, or appeal towards YouTube.

How to Get a LOT of Subscribers on YouTube?! [10,000+]

How to Get a LOT of Subscribers on YouTube?!

- How to Get a LOT of Subscribers on YouTube?!
- How to Get 10,000 Subscribers on YouTube?!

Questions like these made me post this!

Today, you'll learn exactly How to Get a LOT of Subs on YouTube and that too on Your 1st Video! And all of this is LEGAL, not a single thing discussed in this article is Black-Hat or ILLEGAL...

5 Sources to Grab Royalty FREE Music for YouTube! [VIDEO]

5 Sources to Grab Royalty FREE Music for YouTube Videos

Finding Royalty FREE Music for YouTube Videos isn't really THAT big of an issue! But, when it comes to teaching, I'd LOVE to teach these simple things, without an excuse! :)

This is going to be the BEST guide EVER on How to Find Royalty FREE Music for YouTube. That's how much excited I am to share this information with you! ^_^

Viral Vlogging: What Is It? | How to EARN From Viral Vlogging?!

What is Viral Vlogging? | How to Earn from It?

Viral Vlogging, huh?


I did a search on Google about it before I started writing about the Idea of Viral Vlogging. And look, here's what I found:

YouTube Channel Grows After 100 Subs! [Is It TRUE?!]

YouTube Channel Growth Tips

As I've already said that If you wanna rank a YouTube video, you better share it with the most relevant audience, you possibly can find! This way, you'll get all the marks checked, of the factors that YouTube has in its ranking algorithm, which I've discussed in THIS post.

Increase YouTube Subscribers FAST! [Literally DOUBLE 'em]

Increase YouTube Subscribers, or should I say DOUBLE them?

Questions like these:

- How to Increase YouTube Subscribers?!
- How to Get Subscribers on YouTube?!

- How Can I Get FREE YouTube Subscribers?!

- Can I Buy YouTube Subscribers?!

Rank YouTube Videos in 2017 and Beyond! [GUARANTEED]

Rank YouTube Videos in 2017

Today, I'm going to show you EXACTLY How to Rank YouTube Videos in 2017 and Beyond...

Yesterday, I posted a VIDEO showing my ranked video on YouTube, and I asked in that post on my profile that how many of you are interested?

Vlog Like Casey Neistat: How to Film?

Vlog Like Casey Neistat: Filming

I'm back with the second part of Vlog Like Casey Neistat series.

Previously, I published The Concept, which is 1st part and this one is second and is going to be all about Filming - How to Film?

Here's How He Earns $800 p/ Month from YouTube! [Case Study]

$800 p/ Month from YouTube

For a common Pakistani, $800 p/ Month is MORE than enough! (80,000+ Rs.)

With that said, *he certainly won't stop just there! ;)

Because, what he is doing, and how consistent he is, I can see him crossing $1,000 p/ Month in NO time! (Probably 2,3 months.)

And yeah...

- I won't mention his name.
- Won't disclose his YouTube channel.
- Won't reveal any potentially hack-able information.

Other than that, I'm here to help, motivate and encourage you guys to start your own YouTube channels.

Now, let me start this Case Study and show you his earnings from Google AdSense that he has attached with his YouTube Channel. Also, I'll show you his earning directly from his channel's analytics.

First of all, I'll try to tell you his story! Before he was earning from YouTube and before i started giving him tips and tricks to increase his following and audience.

Wait a sec...

Here i am adding a Clickable Table of Contents that you can click on and visit each section, in case you wanna skip his story and get straight into his earnings screenshots...

- His Story: (How I Found Him and Started Guiding.)
- His First YouTube Earning.
- Screenshots of His Earning From YouTube.
- Motivational Lines from Him to Newbie You-Tubers.


1- Story

Story of a Successful YouTuber

Once (in 2012) i was watching YouTube Videos on my Nokia N70 Music Edition mobile. That's when i somehow found his video.

It was maybe on fixing a Computer Mouse that isn't working anymore, or isn't working properly. I watched that video, and after finishing it, visited his entire videos section...

Watched a couple of more videos... In 1-2 hours, I really got engaged in his content and SUBSCRIBED! :P That is when i started watching his videos, back in 2012.

And after some time, he stopped uploading. I did not really care because i had already lot of his old videos to watch, so didn't care much.

When he didn't upload anything for like 2-3 months, i forgot about his channel. Which is a sad thing, when i think of it now.

After years later, in 2015, he uploaded another video. (About Gardening) I noticed it when i visited Subscription Section of YouTube. (As i visit it frequently on daily basis to watch my favorite YouTubers' new uploads.)

I didn't know that this video was HIS. I even forgot his channel name... And when i watched the video, the voice looked familiar.

I visited the channel and looked at old videos and found that he's BACK! :P Which was really an amazing feeling, because his voice is so engaging and all that stuff. 

(Sorry that i can't reveal his channel here! He doesn't want his videos to be copied by someone. Because some people are already doing so and he is getting pissed. This is why he ASKED me not to share his channel.)

I looked at his links section on YouTube channel, to find contact information and found his Facebook ID, which i couldn't back in 2012, because he didn't have any then.

Sent in a message asking to accept my friend request. And included that i am his BIGGEST fan! :P

And he replied in 2 days, i guess. Accepted my friend request as well. Then, we started chatting about his channel and stuff...

After sometime, he asked me if i knew about Google AdSense. And i sure did, so i replied that "Yes, i do." I also offered him that he can ask me anything he wants, if he needs any info about it.

And then, he said that he's not earning from YouTube! o.O

And i was really SHOCKED! :O

As he was doing it for years now, and he said that he hadn't even completed $2 in those years. That was pretty shocking for me. And that is when i decided to help him out, guide a bit about AdSense as well as about YouTube.

And THIS...

This was the moment (in 2015) when he started increasing his audience. He wasn't earning anything because he didn't have audience / followers / subscribers on YouTube.

I started giving some tips to optimize his videos, channel and SEO. Also told him to upload videos frequently. (On daily basis.)

And this is really what he did. (Nothing secret.)

And now, you're ready to see his screenshots of earning from YouTube.


2- First YouTube Earning

First Earning from YouTube

This was his first EVER earning that he received from YouTube. (After six months implementing on those tips i mentioned above. Six months, he didn't earn anything. He just kept uploading and sharing his videos, just like i mentioned in THIS post.)

3- AdSense Screenshot

YouTube AdSense Earning Screenshot

This screenshot i took after asking him to log into his AdSense account.

4- Real-time YouTube Views

YouTube Realtime Views

These are YouTube real-time views, If you're interested...

5- Last 28 Days YouTube Earning

YouTube Earning Screenshot

This is where he is earning $800 p/ Month from YouTube. These are last 28 days of analytics straight from his YouTube account.

6- YouTube Lifetime Earning

1 Year YouTube Earning


If you've read the story of his YouTube Journey, you know that this earning starts from 2015 when he got his first payment.

And if you haven't read the story, please do so, because you'll learn some things in there as well. That only can be learned when you've spent years on YouTube.

In short, this earning starts from August, 2015 and is until now. (August, 2015 to October, 2016.)



All the good stuff is OVER!

Now, it is time...

It is time to take ACTION and start your own channel on YouTube, if you wanna earn the same way.

7- Motivational Lines from HIM!

Make Money on YouTube Urdu/Hindi

This is when i was chatting with him. I asked to share something else if there is any, to motivate you guys more.

So, here is it...

Just after he typed this, i added Me: and Friend: section so you guys can understand what line is typed by who.

If you can't understand Hindi or Urdu, lemme just quickly translate it for you! :)

Me: Anything else you'd like to add? (Some final words etc...)

Friend: First 6 months, I just focused on creating videos, uploading them and sharing on my profile and page, and not on earning. And then when i got my first earning after six months, this was a pretty chilly moment for me, I have to say! And after that, I started making more videos with more LOVE and passion. And now, I'm a full time YouTuber who doesn't need a job anymore!

Vlog Like Casey Neistat: The Concept!

How to Vlog Like Casey Neistat?!

If you're here, I don't need to tell you who Casey Neistat is, right? ;)

Today, I'm starting a "Vlog Like Casey Neistat" two part series. First one is going to be on Concept and Strategy, and the 2nd one is gonna be on Filming and doing the actual thing! (Vlogging)

If you're not into vlogging, or you are camera-shy, consider these YouTube channel ideas that I've put together for all of you and i am constantly updating these ideas with new ones...

How to Select Topic for Your YouTube Channel?!

YouTube Channel Ideas | Topic for Your YouTube Channel

Welcome, again!

This is our second guide in YouTube Guides section. If you have not read the first one yet, please do so by visiting the link below. It contains very valuable information that can make or break your career on YouTube!

1st Guide: How to Start YouTube & Become Successful?!

Now, let's jump right into the sea...