How to Build a Career on YouTube - (5 Steps to Follow)

November 15, 2016 0 Comments

How to Build a Career on YouTube - (5 Steps to Follow)

So you want to start YouTube?

That's why you opened it.

If you're one of those readers who might think 'nah, I just want to see what's written in there'…

Well, an article reveals a study that says, "the more explicit a headline is as to the reader take away, the more the headline resonates."

So, if you click on this blog post, then there is a desire, motivation, or appeal towards YouTube.


You don't have to worry…

No one is pushing you. No rush. 

Read this article and ask yourself a question: Do you really want to build a career on YouTube? 


I'm going to share some insights on building a career on the internet. I learned the hard way. I haven't had a chance to come across a piece of guideline that could help me avoid going off the rails. I learned tons of lessons in last 6 years and one of them is that YOU CAN DO IT… ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS, YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE DESIRE TO DO IT. 

In this article, I'll tell you that how you can stay there and build a momentum with your YouTube channel. 

Let me be honest.

If you think, YouTube isn't for you, then don't pursue it. Because something closer to your heart could be waiting for you. But if you're like me, who loves making YouTube videos, then hop in, we'll ride together and read some of the secrets that I learned over the past few years. 

Here are my 5 suggestions for building a career on YouTube:

1) - Choose What Fascinates You

There is always so much noise that keeps bugging us. The moment you step onto a well-ranked video on YouTube, the very next moment you want to know what kind of content this user is creating. So that you get a glimpse of his or her secrets. 

Remember this, everything isn't for us. 

So, we have to find what's good for us. For instance, my fellow Pakistani YouTuber S Tech knows a lot about the smartphones. He does all that tech videos that I can't do even in next 100 years. 

My vlog channel is going great. I've had a plan that I won't vlog in English and I chose the Urdu language because I believe that you have to be original when you're vlogging. If you're being someone you're not, then the growth won't be the same. I was right. Now I'm being praised by the fellow YouTubers and the audience on being original and choosing Urdu over English.

The point is, don't choose a YouTube niche that you don't belong to. If you analyze successful YouTubers, they always create the type of content they're made for, meaning, whatever you're passionate about, choose that for content creation. 

For instance, Darrel Eves has been around since 2006 and he has been creating content related to YouTube ever since he came along. Sara Dietschy started her YouTube channel in 2011 and she has been creating creative lifestyle content since then. 

So, my point is, choose what fascinates you. Find out what your passion is. 

(Don't forget the next line. Ever.)

At the end of the day what matters is what you love to create. 

This is probably the most important success secret of YouTube. 

2) - Socialize with the Relevant Tribe

You can't win here alone. So find the people who are racing just like you. The idea is to build the relations with them. It always begins with the GIVING factor. I personally like to offer value before asking for value. 

It seems a little strange when you reach out to someone and just say:

Hey, do you want to collab with me? 


Are you John Cena or something?

How can you expect someone to collaborate with you when they haven't heard about you?
So, it's better to build a trust and relation with people that might be your future collaborators rather than just cold-calling them to collaborate. 

The collaboration isn't just about doing a cross-channel promotion. In fact, it's about building a relationship and hold on to the ties. For instance, when Jesse did this Aladdin video, Casey Neistat helped him out and when Casey did this Snowboarding video, Jesse came out to help him. This is how we can make friends and build your relationship with other YouTubers. 

The idea is choosing the right people to meet and collaborate. 

Even, the Video Influencers focused on that too. In this video, they talked about collaboration and they also believe that the collaborators should be relevant and ultimately they will find the right audience out of those collaborations.  

3) - Find the Unique Value 

If you really want to know that what can kick-off your YouTube channel, then let me tell you this. 

Find that UNIQUE VALUE that you have and you can offer to the audience. 

That unique value has to be something that:

- differentiates you from others
- makes them feel connected
- urges them to come back to your channel
- gives them an idea about your life
- conveys them a message

For instance, Logan Paul is extremely funny and crazy. He has got a certain style of vlogging like shooting with the two cameras at the same time and talking to both cameras side by side. Plus, he shouts a lot and does a lot of stuff that keeps people engaged and smiling. 

Similarly, Roman Atwood does a little fun and adventurous stuff in the vlogs. He is famous for pranks but what he does mostly is different adventures with remote control cars and other recreational gadgets.  

Every big YouTuber you come across, you'll always find a unique value that they have and that's what makes them different from the others. 

For instance, both Mr. Ben Brown and FunForLouis are two popular British vloggers. They travel the world and they have a little different audience. Their style of vlogging is calmer than the previous two YouTubers mentioned above.

4) - Enjoy Being Consistent 

The key isn't just being consistent on YouTube, in fact, you must be enjoying being consistent. You'll find every YouTuber telling you to be consistent with your content creation. 

What if you're not enjoying the creation of (certain type of) content!

You can't just keep dragging yourself to get onto the loop of content creation. 

If you're not enjoying the content creation, ask yourself the following questions:

- Do you want to change your niche?
- Do you like something else along with your current niche?
- Are people not engaging on your YouTube channel?
- Are you engaging on others' channels?
- Are you building connections with other fellow YouTubers?

Once you find out the answers to those questions, you'll be able to understand your situation better than ever. 

Don't panic if you think you need to change your YouTube channel's niche

You can do that if you really want to pursue your YouTube career. 

The point is, you have to be consistent if you want to grasp some success on YouTube and if you don't enjoy whatever you're creating for YouTube, then there is no point of being consistent, plus, it won't last longer. 

You always fine-tune your strategy, so that you find consistency. 

When I was starting my vlogging. 

I knew I would end up frustrated someday if I start vlogging in English because that's not my native language. I might enjoy first 100 vlogs in English, and then my interest of creating it every day might change. 

And I won't accept that to happen. I knew that I don't want that. 

So, I picked up Urdu language for vlogging. And after 1 year and making 200+ vlogs on YouTube, and I still wake up excited to make an interesting, entertaining, and meaningful vlog. 

5) - Build an Active Community

Building a community is a different thing than building an active community. 

It doesn't happen in a week. It takes time. 

An active community could be a Facebook group, twitter following, or subscribers on YouTube who respond to you when you call them. And it happens when you spend time, energy, and money on producing the valuable content that they want to consume for free. 

When you do that on the regular basis, you start to earn credibility and trust. 

That's where a community starts to build. And when you keep showing up with the new things to help or educate or entertain the audience, they turn into the loyal followers, and there you get a chance to build an active community. 

YouTubers like PointlessBlogVlogs and Colleen Ballinger get so much response on social media because they have been doing this for a long time and they've given so much fun and entertainment to their audience and now they get to see a huge response to their social media updates. 

Do you follow your favorite YouTubers on Instagram and Twitter?


Because they've started this years ago which you need to start alongside your YouTube channel. 
You follow them because you want to follow them. They started social years ago because they know that they want an active community around their YouTube channels. 

Think about that!

Wrapping up

So, it's time to end the post. 

This is something I've learned in last two years. I probably watched YouTube for a year, then finally decided to start vlogging. 

I knew that I can build a career on YouTube. 

And, I know that I like making videos. 

More importantly, I knew it would take 5 to 7 years to reach to the point where I want to reach. 

The only way to being persistent is loving this YouTube thing, otherwise, it would take a fraction of a second to give up. 

I'm on my way. 

The question is, do you want to build a career on YouTube?

What else would you add to this piece to help out readers who want to build a career on YouTube?

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