Viral Vlogging: What Is It? | How to EARN From Viral Vlogging?!

October 25, 2016 0 Comments

What is Viral Vlogging? | How to Earn from It?

Viral Vlogging, huh?


I did a search on Google about it before I started writing about the Idea of Viral Vlogging. And look, here's what I found:

What is Viral Vlogging?!

I couldn't BELIEVE that Google didn't even have its definition! :/ There's NO concept of Viral Vlogging, I guess for right now! Everyone's just into Viral Blogging, or just Blogging!

And Blogging is SO BORING that I can't stand the word itself. This is the exact reason I chose my domain name having a FART in it! xD

I didn't wanna get BORED of doing "Blogging"...


Let's get to the point, shall we? :)

As Google didn't have any Idea about What's Viral Vlogging? I'm going to share it with you guys! :) I am getting a feeling that I'm the founder of this Idea! xD Viral Vlogging, the word itself is pretty cool, right? ;)

What is Viral Vlogging?

What Is Viral Vlogging?

To understand properly, you'll need to know first about What is Vlogging?

If you know the answer, great! But if you don't, go and watch Casey Neistat on YouTube...

Got the idea? Great!


Viral Vlogging is the same thing!

Instead of Vlogging on random things, choosing random topics for your vlogs on YouTube, you choose a specific topic.

E.g. News, Entertainment, Wrestling, Gardening! etc...

How to Earn from Viral Vlogging?

How to Earn from Viral Vlogging?


The same way you do from Vlogging! :) There's nothing changed at all. Just like Casey earns and all the other vloggers on YouTube earn from their vlogging channels, you'll the same way as well.

But, there's only one different thing. Your EACH video would have the potential to go VIRAL!!!

Why's that?

Because you're choosing a SPECIFIC topic! (News for Example)

If you start covering every news in your vlogs, you'll be making at least 2-3 videos per day!

And when you'll make this much of content, at least ONE video from your every day's uploads is going to get a massive amount of views, shares and engagement. That's what is going to contribute in increasing your YouTube subscribers.

Why there's NEED for Viral Vlogging?

Why do we need Viral Vlogging?

You see...

There's a LOT of news channels out there in today's age. All are spreading HATRED and all those negative sorts of things!

On the other hand, people go on YouTube when they're tired, or wanna get entertained, or also, when they're looking for KNOWLEDGE!

That's why we NEED these channels to be out there producing HQ videos on these topics. People will ENJOY the news they'll see on YouTube and almost forget about News TV Channels.

I'm only talking about the news because I can only explain it better with this example! 

Now that you have the knowledge of this Viral Vlogging thing, why don't you make your own channel ideas?

Go ahead and start some Viral Vlogging channel TODAY! :)

What do we need to start a Viral Vlogging YouTube Channel?

How to Start Viral Vlogging?

If you already have a DSLR or something like a Camcorder, you're all set!

And if you don't, you then probably have an iPhone or some kind of Android smartphone in your pocket!

Take it out, start shooting and record the audio in the built-in microphone as well.

Because, believe me, smartphones have AWESOME inbuilt microphones as compared to DSLRs! ;)


What to read now?

Congratulations first of all that you've learned another thing today! :)

And now...

As you've read What is Viral Vlogging and How to Earn from It, I'd recommend you next to read How YouTube Channel Grows, and also, Ways to Increase YouTube Subscribers... (And maybe also How to Rank YouTube Videos in 2017?) Because these are the things you're going to need to grow on YouTube.

And even if you don't read all of these recommended guides, Viral Vlogging in itself has AMAZING potential, as mentioned it could make your channel go VIRAL in days! Because all the videos are on trending topics you're making, and videos have a personal touch as well, just like Casey's vlogs!

I LOVE helping people! I LOVE sharing my knowledge with others for sake of NOTHING in return! I mostly am available on Facebook.