Rank YouTube Videos in 2017 and Beyond! [GUARANTEED]

October 16, 2016 , 0 Comments

Rank YouTube Videos in 2017

Today, I'm going to show you EXACTLY How to Rank YouTube Videos in 2017 and Beyond...

Yesterday, I posted a VIDEO showing my ranked video on YouTube, and I asked in that post on my profile that how many of you are interested?


The response was AMAZING! :)

Almost over 170 people liked the post, which means probably more than this number were interested. Because I got over 500 views on that video as well and some comments.


Let me just begin the Case-Study on Ranking YouTube Videos in 2017 and probably even Beyond , if SEO didn't change dramatically.

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I'm going to explain each and everything in different sections, so it is categorized to optimize user experience and all that good stuff. :) Let me start with the first one...

What Kind of Video Ranks Well?

Proper On-Page Video SEO

Interesting Title (Clickbait BUT Relevant)

Off-Page SEO of Video

These are the four pillars that I'll be building this guide on! You can click any of these to visit that section instantly, as I've made these clickable.

1- What Type of Video Ranks Well?

Video Ranking

If you see my ranked video, It is over 1 hour long, has 250 views overall and has 2 likes. The video is on Article Writing, and I posted it in Blogging category of the blog.


Everything is "relevant" to each other...

Writing is important for Bloggers, that's why they came and watched the whole thing. (Video)


The video always should be in standard HD/720p, or Full HD/1080p. Because these are the most watched versions of the video out there right now.

Add some music in the background, because it sets a TONE for the video and eliminates the aspect of the video being BORING to watch.

If you couldn't understand a WORD I said above, please keep reading, you'll get it as you read and read! :)

2- Proper On-Page Optimization

Video SEO - Proper Tags

Here's all the tags I had used in that video. Video was about writing LONG articles without caring about the length of it. Just keep writing and when you're finished, I mean when you feel that you can't add anything else, THEN go ahead and see how many words are there.

I use this technique in almost EVERY article I post on EasyAsFart...

Video SEO - Proper Description

And here is the description I added to that video. I think it's descriptive enough, right?


You can always improve on things! :) Make it as long and detailed as possible.


Because SOME people like to READ! :) And, they'll probably read the description, even BEFORE watching your video! So, don't you wanna make them like and subscribe to your channel? ;)

3- Click-Bait Titles but Also Relevant?

Click-bait Titles

In my video, I added a "kind of" click-bait title?

Click-bait Title

As you can see, it is kind of click-bait, but is relevant though! The second part "1Hr+ Live Writing" one is the one that is click bait and also is relevant. "Tips for Writing Long Articles" is just a keyword descriptive title. 

(Keyword Descriptive isn't' a thing, sorry, because I made it up!)

4- Off-Page SEO of Videos

Some of you already know about what I mean by a Video's Off-Page SEO.


Some are not familiar with what could be Off-Page SEO process for a Video?

Well. By Video's Off-Page SEO I mean that sharing that video in "relevant" groups on Facebook, getting it embedded on "relevant" blogs, getting it shared from "relevant" industry leaders or influencers.


Why did I emphasized 'relevant'?

Because, when most of us share our videos on Facebook, they don't even care about where they're sharing it! o.O

I mean, are you kidding me? -_-

Why would someone who's member of Beauty and Fashion group a Video that's on SEO? :o

This is why we don't rank our videos well in YouTube or Google...

This is exactly what I DIDN'T do with my video, and it ranked for "Writing Long Articles", "Write Long Articles", and "Long Articles" in YouTube on #1 position in 3 days, beating every other video in the line from like YEARS and with almost MILLIONS of views.


Make sure that your video is relevant to the people where you're sharing it.

Because if it is, they'll probably watch it till the END.

And THIS...

This is where the magic happens! :)

This is when the video starts getting ranked in YouTube at least, if not on Google as well...

YouTube now ranks videos on watch-time, which means the longer the viewer stays on the video, the BETTER it is going to rank in YouTube.

THIS is why we need everything to be relevant, and we want our videos to be High-Quality so they're worth watching in the first place!


Hopefully, you've read this article till the end...

If you did, AWESOME, please share YOUR ranked videos below in comments section. Let us know on which keyword you've ranked yours... Some screenshots would be a LOT exciting to watch, though. ;)

One more thing...

Some ask me to show them how I design my thumbnails? I'd say visit THIS channel on YouTube and watch me do it! :)

I LOVE helping people! I LOVE sharing my knowledge with others for sake of NOTHING in return! I mostly am available on Facebook.