Increase YouTube Subscribers FAST! [Literally DOUBLE 'em]

October 20, 2016 0 Comments

Increase YouTube Subscribers, or should I say DOUBLE them?

Questions like these:

- How to Increase YouTube Subscribers?!
- How to Get Subscribers on YouTube?!

- How Can I Get FREE YouTube Subscribers?!

- Can I Buy YouTube Subscribers?!


Questions like THESE are the ones I'm going to clear in this article! :)

You see...

If you're a YouTuber, you've already subscribed to a couple of your favorite personalities or content creators on YouTube, didn't you? :)

What do you think?

What do you think how do THEY get more Subscribers on YouTube?

Did you ever try to think on this?


If you didn't, this is the time to do it! ;)


1- Get YouTube Subscribers BY Ranking Videos!

Rank Videos to Get YouTube Subscribers

There are really tons of ways to do it... (To Increase YouTube Subscribers, obviously!)

One of which is to Rank YouTube Videos and Get Subscribers That Way! Simple, right? :)

Nope, It's not! :P

That is exactly why I'd say that head over to THIS article and read the whole thing on How I Ranked My Video on YouTube.

2- Increase YouTube Subscribers BY Improve Video Quality!

Improve Video to Increase YouTube Subscribers

By improving Video Quality I mean that if you're at 720p Videos right now, do it 1080p! :)

If you're at 1080p, try to go for 4K! Or maybe (1080p 30 or 60 FPS)


If you can't afford to move up the resolution, you can go ahead and change your editing style! :)

Spice it up a bit! ;)

Add some color grading to it, make a different style or maybe HAVE a style if you didn't before.

3- The Secret Or Maybe MOST Unnoticed Strategy to Increase Subscribers on YouTube!


This strategy is the MEAT of this article! :) If you are a skimmer and not a READER, you're wasting your time mate! :/ Please stop this shit and start reading! 

(Then you guys go and attend PAID training sessions, because you didn't have enough time to read FREE stuff!)


This is the strategy guys! :)

The Main Strategy to Increase YouTube Subscribers

Secret Strategy to Increase YouTube Subscribers

As I was saying...

You have subscribed to your favorite YouTubers, right?

Ever noticed a little thing called "series" they do on their channels? ;)

Yep, those series!

For example: Unbox Therapy does "Does It Suck?", MKBHD does "Dope Tech" and all those other YouTubers out there as well...

These series aren't just for fun, guys! :D

They actually get TONS of subscribers from these series!


You must be having these two questions right now! :)

Well... Lemme answer those two questions now for you! Lemme first go with the WHY? one.

WHY they get more subscribers through series and not "normal" video uploads?

Well... Since we were born and got some consciousness, we noticed that our moms and dads used to watch "Dramas" at night or "TV Shows" or things of that nature, right?

Yeah, but what that has to do with Increasing YouTube Subscribers?

Actually, EVERYTHING! :)

Those dramas and tv shows are SO much addictive that person who starts watching them gets SO much engaged with it that he literally can't stop watching! :/


These YouTube Series are the same thing, mate! ;)

These are MADE to mimic those effects that we have from watching dramas and tv shows. 

Those have Episodes, these have too!
Those have People excited for the next Episode, these have too!

HOW it works? HOW they get or Increase YouTube Subscribers through Series?

Now you know the WHY factor, right?

HOW is an easy one! :)

As these series are SO much engaging, we just CAN'T wait for the next episode!

And when the next episode comes, what do we do? :)

We watch it of course...
We like it, of course...
We comment on it, of course...
We then SHARE it, of course!
And then we WAIT for the next episode, OF COURSE!

And where does all that leave to us? :P


That's all we really need to get more subscribers on YouTube, isn't it? 

- We needed engagement on our videos = Likes, Comments and Dislikes!
- We needed Increased WATCH TIME = Viewers were waiting for the next episode, so they'll NOT skip a SINGLE second!
- We needed SHARES = Shares are natural when they LOVE something!
- We needed them to wait for more and subscribe = Of course old ones are waiting already, but new ones are also doing the same. Because we get SO much engaged with series type of content we I've discussed in WHY!



All the things we need to get success on YouTube, these series are providing us! So, we just now have to figure out what our first or NEXT series is going to be about! ;)

Good luck, YouTube soldier

Implement these strategies and you shall return victorious!

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