How to Get a LOT of Subscribers on YouTube?! [10,000+]

October 31, 2016 , 0 Comments

How to Get a LOT of Subscribers on YouTube?!

- How to Get a LOT of Subscribers on YouTube?!
- How to Get 10,000 Subscribers on YouTube?!

Questions like these made me post this!

Today, you'll learn exactly How to Get a LOT of Subs on YouTube and that too on Your 1st Video! And all of this is LEGAL, not a single thing discussed in this article is Black-Hat or ILLEGAL...

Increasing Subscribers on YouTube isn't really that hard. It takes strategy, consistency, quality and marketing!

Previously, I discussed How to Rank YouTube Videos in 2017, which is also one of the strategies to get loads of YouTube Subscribers.

But, today we're not going to talk about any of that.


It's all about First Impressions! ;)

You've probably heard that saying: "First Impression Is the Last Impression"

That's exactly the case we're going to discuss in this strategy! 


#1- Property of Content!

This simply means, the video you're going to upload should be 100% made by YOU! You can add some royalty free music on it as well, but the idea, content and the overall video should be your property and not someone else's.

Because if it IS someone's video, even if it gets viral, they'll report it and YouTube is going to take it down! You'll lose that video and the chance of getting noticed from that video going viral.

#2- Topic of Interest!

Ownership of Content

The topic of your video should be something you LOVE talking about! As it is your first video, your channel name can by ANYTHING you desire.

But, the video should have all these qualities in it that I'm mentioning in this post.

And if the topic is something you're not passionate about, believe me, your audience is going to NOTICE that, and they'll NOT be happy about it.

In short, forget about getting 10,000+ YouTube Subscribers! :/

#3- Controversial Topic!

Controversial Topic on YouTube

The topic you'll make your first video on should be SUPER controversial.

Because if it isn't, there's NO point in reading this post and NOT implementing it. The video you'll make should tick ALL of these categories! That's when you'll have the chance of making your 1st video VIRAL and getting at least 10,000 Subscribers on YouTube!

#4- Engaging & High-Quality Presentation (Motion Graphics, If Possible!)

Motion Graphics to Increase Engagement

The presentation of your video should be TOP NOTCH!

If it isn't, you know it, there's NO point in reading this guide to getting LOT of YouTube Subscribers and then NOT implementing the given strategies and tips.

So, make sure you tick all of these categories and then you can expect some GOOD results...

And yeah...

If possible, try adding CRISP motion graphics in your video too!

(CRISP = High-Quality/Resolution, and NOT blurry ones)


Try to make your video as long as possible. Because people LOVE watching videos that are High-Quality, with GOOD presentation and if the person is knowledgeable who's IN the video. It becomes a scene they DON'T want to end.

So, make sure it is as long as possible. (Min 15 Minutes)

If the video is long enough, and people are watching it till the end, chances are, it is going to get VIRAL.


Because it is High-Quality, engaging and SUPER informational video. And why wouldn't YouTube promote it after all that? ;)

This is why, YouTube starts putting it on wheels of SPEED and then it, the video, starts getting more eyeballs.

This is when you start noticing an increase in your Subscribers on YouTube.


People are LOVING it. They didn't want the video to END. But, it did!


They want MORE of you! xD


They're not subscribing to you to see if you're going to upload more of these videos or not.

#5- Clear Audio, 1080p or 4K, Personal Touch!

High-Quality Audio, Video and Presentation

These are some other factors too.

If the video doesn't meet these, it WON'T make you thousands of subs!


Make sure the video you're going to make and upload has CRYSTAL clear sound and your voice!

It is 1080p at least, and 4K max.

It has Personal Touch!

Now, what's personal touch?

If you're following all of my guides, you'd know that I discussed it in How to Start YouTube, guide. (#3)

If you don't wanna read it, lemme tell you in short what it is here...

By Personal Touch, I mean that you should at least BE in the video, or have your voice in it.

Personally, I'd recommend, HIGHLY, to film yourself as well as add voice in the video. Because it is what we see in natural and the real world and movies.


How to Get 10,000+ YouTube Subscribers on Your 1st Video?!


This is an 18+ minute VIDEO case study on all of the mentioned points in ACTION. This shows you how this is POSSIBLE and has already been done a YouTube channel.

I recommend you to watch this whole video as well as read the whole article to understand everything BETTER.

Here is the Case Study:

And yep...

If you have any questions, please leave them down below in comments section. I'll reply as soon as I possibly could.

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