How Do I Design Thumbnails in Photoshop?! [VIDEO]

October 08, 2016 , 0 Comments

How to Design Thumbnails in Photoshop? [VIDEO]

Designing Thumbnails is the most difficult part for bloggers, I suppose.

Some HIRE graphic designers to design their featured images or thumbnail images, whatever you prefer calling it. And some do this by themselves using Canva or some other online designing tools.


Today, I'm going to show you how I designed THIS thumbnail for a friend of mine, using Photoshop.

Here's How I Designed THIS Thumbnail in Photoshop


Let's just watch the tutorial and learn how I made this really SIMPLE but yet attractive thumbnail using Photoshop within like 10 minutes?

I don't know...

Just, watch the VIDEO and enjoy! (Y)

Design Thumbnails in Photoshop! (VIDEO Tutorial)

Wanna download the PSD file of this thumbnail? 

You won't have to follow me, you'll be able to edit it FREELY and use it anywhere you want...


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- Get the download link of PSD.

That's it...


- ObelixPro

- Impact

- Helvetica

- Lobster 1.4

These are the fonts I use the most to create thumbnails in Photoshop... (I've used ObelixPro in this one)

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