Fun Ways to Become Fluent in English [Within Days!]

October 18, 2016 , 0 Comments

Fun Ways Become Fluent in English

Becoming Fluent in English isn't THAT hard, I believe.

It's just a LANGUAGE, mate!

Why would you be SO stressed about it?

Have FUN...

Learn it! :)

Today, I'm going off-topic!

I am NOT an English Teacher or anything... But, I've myself made a decent progress in learning English or Improving English whatever you like calling this process.

I left college without completing my studies in 2014.

I didn't know ANYTHING about English, even though I was a student of English Shorthand -_-

And when I left the college...

I became a Full-Time Internet Marketer!

I started Blogging, Selling Kindle eBooks on Amazon Kindle Platform, began earning from Dailymotion. And also, I was teaching at Udemy...

But in between, I used to watch ENGLISH movies, ENGLISH songs, ENGLISH tutorials. 

I used to TEACH in English on Udemy.

Everything I did on the internet and offline was in English!

That's what improved MY English understanding and writing n speaking skills...

And that is also what I recommend YOU to do! :)

Just start watching English Tutorials on YouTube, English Songs and also English movies. (Instead of Dubbed Ones)


Extra Ways to Become Fluent in English


I'm going to lay some extra tips and ways for you to become fluent and understand English well or better than you do right now, at the time of reading this...

1- Are you a Writer?

Writing to Become Fluent in English

Because I'm a blogger myself, I have started using Grammarly's Premium version.


That's what YOU have to use as well if you do blogging or ANY writing work in English. 

I have a Premium account, and it doesn't mean you should have one too. Just go for a FREE one, and you are going to be good with that as well.

2- LOVE Reading?

Reading to Become Fluent in English

Well. If you LOVE reading, why don't you start reading ENGLISH blogs on the internet?

Or maybe...

Start reading English Magazines, English Stories and things of that sort...

3- Do You Chat a Lot?

Use Chat to Become Fluent in English

If you LOVE to chat with people, why not also add some American friends in your list?

I'd say, find some friends that are in English Speaking Countries and add them on your Facebook or something...

And when they accept your request, just say Hello, Hi to them and start learning English! ;)


How to Improve English? [Explained in Hindi]

If you're from India or Pakistan, which you probably are, then I'd say watch this incredible explanation from Him-eesh Madaan on Ways to Improve English or Become Fluent in it...

I haven't watched this video yet, but I will for sure some day! Because it's TOO long for me, just like a movie! ;)



Have you learned anything that you can actually implement to become fluent in English?

If you did, please let us know what you would be using to achieve your goal of improving your English Speaking or Writing Skill?

And yeah...

If you want to add some other tricks that you use to improve your English, please leave them down below, if you're comfortable sharing with others! :)

That way, you can also contribute to our article and help someone out there! ^_^

I LOVE helping people! I LOVE sharing my knowledge with others for sake of NOTHING in return! I mostly am available on Facebook.