How to Select Topic for Your YouTube Channel?!

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YouTube Channel Ideas | Topic for Your YouTube Channel

Welcome, again!

This is our second guide in YouTube Guides section. If you have not read the first one yet, please do so by visiting the link below. It contains very valuable information that can make or break your career on YouTube!

1st Guide: How to Start YouTube & Become Successful?!

Now, let's jump right into the sea...


I'm going to mention some skills that you might possess, and you just have to click on that particular skill-set and you'll be able to jump on to the detailed explanation and instructions.

I'm a Teacher. 

I'm Good at a Specific Subject.

- I'm a Guitarist.

I Have a Tuition Center.

- I'm a Blogger.

- I'm an SEO Expert.

- I Do Event Blogging.

- I Teach Online. (Udemy, Skillshare Etc...)

- I'm an Electrician.

- I'm a PC Gamer.

- I'm a Computer Technician.

- I'm a Computer Programmer.

I Build Gaming PCs.

You can click above on any profession you're currently in, and read the guide that is specifically tailored for your skill-set! :)


1- A Teacher.

YouTube for a Teacher?

So, being a Teacher you must be feeling really blessed that you get to see these lovely little souls, right?

Well, I could be wrong too! Because sometimes, you get tired of Teaching all day and you wanna do something else as well, as a part time job. This is why I've made this guide for you. :)

Doesn't matter what class do you teach. You just have to do one thing. Create a YouTube Channel with YOUR name and start Teaching! Yes, that's all you gotta do to open your school on the internet for FREE.

You could be teaching thousands of students the year after you start your YouTube channel. But that's the beauty of it. You don't have to be always there for them. Your videos are saved on the web (YouTube) for the rest of your life. Even 50 years from now, people will find you and start learning from those videos. Because you teach them practically, HOW TO DO STUFF.

For example: You could be an English Teacher.

I'm saying an English teacher, because i started learning English when i LEFT the bloody college! :/ I feel that I have WASTED all those years i studied in Schools and College.

I mean, can you even imagine? I was studying "English Shorthand" in and still, i didn't even know how to speak, write or understand English! -_-

And here i am, after 2 years, writing this post and teaching YOU! ;)

Anyways, that's all i had to say to you, sir! Please post your questions down below in comments section if you have any.

2- I Have a Favorite Subject.

YouTube Channel Idea for Bookworms

Well, If i am not wrong, you already kind of got my point. ;)

If you're a student who's good at a specific subject, mate, you're going to be giving TIPS to other students in the world about how THEY can become as good as you are in that subject! (After that, you can expand your topic as well, if you start getting subscribers...)

Yep, that's it. :)

Have any questions? Please drop'em down below in comments section.

3- A Guitarist?

YouTube for a Guitarist

If you're a Guitarist, and wanna become a YouTuber as well, I'd say, just start with showing your talent first. Show people what you do as a Guitarist. I mean they pretty much already know what you do... Just show them how talented you are, and how well you can play the Guitar.

And once you start getting noticed, all of them (fans) will start asking you to teach them how you do that. Well, that's when you should then start Teaching them, or you can even start a PAID course. As you've already showed how credible and talented you are! ;)

Got any questions? Please type them down below (in comments), and I'll be sure to answer those for ya.

4- Have a Tuition Center?

YouTube as a Tuition Center for Tutors

Well, people are just CRAZY about getting their children to attend some kind of Tuition. So, you're already in for a great opportunity to tap. Because i have never seen a person giving Tuition on YouTube, maybe that's because I have never looked for one! ;)

Yeah, that's the idea.

Just start giving the same tuition on YouTube. Consider you have a student of a certain class. (Any class that you see frequent students coming for Tuition from.) And just start teaching one subject of that class on YouTube for FREE.

And then, share those lectures with your students from School, not from Tuition. And when they'll see the quality you're putting for FREE on the internet, they'll jump off their bed and call you right back for PAID tuition!

Even if they don't, just imagine when they'll share those lectures with their friends, and those friends again with THEIR friends.

Seeing the potential here? ;)

NOW, lemme know if you have any questions. I'll be answering them in comments section. So post yours there as well...

5- A Blogger?

Give Blogging Tips on YouTube

So you're a Blogger, right?

Well, there's one thing you could do. You could start teaching Blogging to new comers on YouTube. You know? Give some tips on writing Eye-Catching Titles and stuff...

You could also film (screen record) yourself while writing an article and posting it, along with all the steps you gone through until the post was public.

Folks are going to LOVE these tips, trust me.

6- I'm Good at SEO.

Teaching SEO on YouTube

You already know that there are two types of SEO. (On-Page & Off-Page)

Depending on what is your specialty, you could start a YouTube Channel that is based on On-Page or Off-Page SEO techniques.

For example: How to Build a High Authority Backlink? (Show a live example by DOING it.)

Go ahead and start your YouTube Channel today! And if you have any question, you can post it in the comments and I'll answer it ASAP! :)

7- I'm an Event Blogger

Teach Event Blogging on YouTube

Event Blogging is really risky business. In fact, it isn't even a "business", it's just a FAST way to get money and to start a REAL business, eventually.

But, if you consider yourself an Expert in Event Blogging, you should start teaching this on YouTube then. Because this is the idea I've got for you, if you're an Event Blogger and cover Events locally, in your country, or worldwide, international events.

Example: Start a New Event Blog. Show everything you're doing with it, Backlinks, On-Page, Social and Rank it.

By showing all of this, you might be thinking that you're just handing the skill over to public for FREE. But you my friend are 100% WRONG!

You don't even KNOW how much people are going to LOVE you for doing this. You're going to have Great following after you've taught this skill to a regular blogger that is familiar with Event Blogging but has never tried it.

You can then start doing PAID training etc... Like you are already seeing Industry Leaders doing in Blogging.

Got any questions? Post 'em down below in comments.

8- Udemy vs YouTube

Udemy vs YouTube?

Well, there's one miss understanding that i gotta clear first.

Most of Instructors ask: Should we upload our course on Udemy and make money off of it? Or should we just put it on YouTube and earn through AdSense that way?

Yeah, this is something I get frustrated when reading or hearing from someone...


You don't HAVE to choose one of the platforms. Just put the course on Udemy, if it took you like a MONTH to make this course.

And if it didn't, it took you 1 week or something, just put it on YouTube for FREE. And gain loyal subscribers through sharing that course.

I talk more briefly about this thing on THIS article. Where i discuss how you can promote your Udemy Courses or Skillshare courses on YouTube for FREE! So, check it out and share it with other fellow instructors too.

9- Electrician on YouTube?

YouTube as an Electrician?

Of course, why not?

If you're an Electrician and have been doing it for quite a while now, why don't you start Teaching on YouTube?

For example: How to Connect Wires to Circuit Board?

I don't even know if this is a topic... But, the point is, teach what you've been doing for years now and teach it to others for FREE. They'll even PAY you for that, they'll probably support you as well.

And for sure, they're going to ask you to fix their electrical stuff that you're expert in.

10- YouTube for PC Gamers

Terry Crews PC Gaming

Well, if you're a PC Gamer, why don't you just record your Game-plays and just put them on YouTube? You already have a Gaming PC, you LOVE gaming, why not a Gaming Channel as well, then?

I'd say, Open a Gaming Channel on YouTube, today! :)

Next you know best what games are famous and what people LOVE playing. The famous the games are that you play and share, the popular your channel's going to be!

11- A Computer Technician?

PC Technician on YouTube


Most people that come into PC Gaming don't really have the information that you DO have. Why not share it with them? Why not make some extra bucks along the way as well, while sharing what you are passionate about.

Just open a YouTube Channel where you'll be sharing your knowledge of PC Hardware, Troubleshooting PCs, and all that goodness.

Please, ask your question below if you have any. I'd LOVE to answer it for you! :)

12- A Computer Programmer?

Teaching Computer Programming on YouTube


Make some FREE Tutorials and Courses on YouTube about Programming Languages. I literally had to watch a Tutorial today from YouTube to build this Interactive, Clickable Table of Content for this article. (in HTML)

Just start a Channel that has your AWESOME courses or even short and sweet tutorial series on Computer Programming. Teach future legendary Programmers! ;) You don't know when someone starts learning from YOUR videos and becomes the next big name!

13- So, You Build Gaming PCs?

PC Building YouTube Channel

Well, I'm nowadays doing research on PC Building myself.

Because, I have to build a Video Editing workstation kind of PC that can handle 1080p editing like a CHAMP. I choose 4790k i7 + 980ti, 500GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD, 16GB DDR3 RAM and won't go into more details.

The point is, PC Building Videos are SO ENGAGING that you will just crave for MORE, when you start watching them! Even if it is PC Building, you even already know how to put a PC together, but still, you will search for more and more of those PC Builds.

THIS is what I'm talking about. Just like you started reading my specs? This is how people are crazy about PC Building, and PC Parts...

Have any question? Leave it down below in comments. I'll answer it as soon as i get the notification of your comment.

14- I Do a Lot of International Travelling

International Travel Vlogs

Well, if you like International Travelling, why don't you just record your main events while you do your travels?

Yes, that's right.

You can record a vlog whenever you're not busy and resting in the plane or maybe enjoying the view from the window of the plane. That's when you can record a vlog answering questions of people who are interested in visiting that specific country you're going to.

This way, you're helping those people as well as building your brand at the same time. Which is a WIN & WIN situation, I'd say.

Go ahead, start a Travel Vlogging Channel.

15- I Do a Lot of Local (National) Travelling

Travel Vlogging on YouTube

If you are in LOVE with Travelling, and also would love wanna do something AMAZING in life! Here you go, mate! This is the opportunity for you!

Well, you know that most people, almost all of us can't afford traveling. And you're doing it for FUN, which is a good thing, if you're interested in doing something great for the country, at least, if not for the world!

I'd say, Just start a YouTube Channel where you show the beauty of your country to those country mates who can't afford to travel, but would LOVE to watch your videos so they can enjoy your traveling videos in comfort of their homes!

You get subscribers, views, and earning eventually, and they'll get that pleasure of being in that place! (After watching your videos.)


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Hopefully, you've learned quite a bit from this guide on How to Select Topic for Your YouTube Channel, or YouTube Channel Ideas. I tried to make it as detailed as possible and yet also very easy to understand. So, if you still have any questions, please leave them down below. I will answer all of them, and will leave NOT a single one ignored.

I LOVE helping people! I LOVE sharing my knowledge with others for sake of NOTHING in return! I mostly am available on Facebook.