How to Start YouTube and Become Successful Too?!

September 27, 2016 0 Comments

How to Start YouTube and Become Successful?

Welcome to our First Guide here on! <3

So, you wanna know How to Start YouTube, and also How to Become a Successful YouTuber at the same time, right?

Well, this is why i am here. To help you, to give some tips and tricks, and to share my experience with you.

If you're on this page, reading these lines, I'm 100% sure that you'll be excited to get started after finishing this read! :) So, it is requested, not suggested or recommended, but REQUESTED, that please stick to this guide, keep reading it and don't skip anything at all. Because there is a lot of useful information in the guide which you won't find without experiencing things yourself. And as you're a newbie to YouTube, you shouldn't miss this and read carefully.

So, with that said, let's just dive right in...

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These are the points to keep in mind when you're thinking to start a YouTube channel. If you have all of these checked, you're good to go!

- At least 1080p Video

- Great Sound Quality

- Your Personality in Videos

- Upload on a Schedule

- Branding

- Repeat & Don't care!

Now, let me explain what i mean by these points. After all, this blog is all about posting guides that are Easy as Fart to follow, right? xD

1- At least 1080p Video Quality

Why 1080p Video?

1080p is the new 720p guys! I always prefer to download songs, movies and even watch YouTube videos in 1080p!

This is why you have to produce your content at least in 1080p. The higher the resolution is, the better! And yeah, if you care about people with slow internet connections, please don't, because they have the option to downgrade the quality to even 144p! :)

2- Great Sound Quality

High Quality Sound for Videos

Make sure that the sound you're recording in your videos, SOUNDS great!

Because, if you're even recording your videos in 4K, and your sound SUCKS, I mean either it is bad in quality, or the volume is low or way high, all that is going to irritate the viewer and they'll leave without even watching your 1st video completely that they came across from god knows what source!

This is why i say, record High Quality sound, keep the volume normal, a little loud would do as well, but don't make it SO low that no one can even hear what you're saying in video, without using headphones!

3- Show Your Personality in Videos

Show Your Personality on Camera

Yes, that's right.

If you won't show what you're, what you really feel off camera, how you LIVE, how you speak, what your accent is, how you dress and all that goodness. You won't attract anyone to watch or subscribe to your channel.

Because in the real world, how you make friends?

With your personality! :)

And if you don't show that in your videos, you won't be able to make friends, or audience in this case! They're your friends too, you just have to be yourself in your videos, and they'll find you!

4- Schedule Your Uploads

Why Post on Schedule?

Scheduling your uploads is the best thing you can do to engage your viewers! Don't get off-schedule after you set one for your uploads.

For example, if you can afford to upload 1 video per day, you stick to this schedule!

Let your audience feel that they are going to see one video per day at least. This way, they'll enjoy your content more, engage more, and they'll know that you'll be uploading tomorrow as well.

And you know what?

If you won't upload on schedule once in a while, it'll make them curious! Which is a good thing, even though i said don't go off-schedule! ;)

So, in short, I'd say that upload on schedule for 1 month, and miss one video every month or maybe once in 2 months. And yeah, don't forget to mention the reason you skipped! Make something up, just to make it feel real reason. But in reality, you were doing effective marketing! ;)

5- Proper Branding

Proper Branding Example

This is when most of you guys don't get it. 

What is branding?

Branding is simply matching your main color scheme and use it everywhere on your channel. (In Thumbnails, Channel Art, DP, Facebook Page etc...) Got it? :)

As you can see in the image, it is Branding Done Right!

What are the Benefits of Branding?

Well, when people see that pattern of same color scheme used on all the things, they know that this thing is made by your brand. Because your brand has this color scheme.

So, make use of all these things and you'll attract audience like a magnet! :)

6- Repeat & Don't care!

Keep uploading, repeat the schedule.

Now you know all the things that you should be doing to become a Successful YouTuber. Just keep in mind these tips and keep going! (Keep uploading, sharing and growing...)

So, you get the point of repeat, but what is this "don't care" thing?

Well, lemme tell ya...

Even if you follow all of these things, you still are going to struggle, if you will keep an eye on numbers! And by numbers i mean views, comments, subscribers and mainly EARNING!

Just don't care about these things. Do whatever you LOVE doing on YouTube, and just keep doing it. Keep uploading High Quality videos. Keep crushing it and most importantly, keep sharing all of your videos on your social profiles.

Interlink between your videos, recommend your viewer some of your other videos to watch next. All that is going to result in increased engagement and watch time, which is the most important thing on YouTube to get noticed and get more and more numbers!

I say don't care because if you WILL care about these things in the beginning, you'll ONLY get hurt! :( Which i wouldn't want for you! :) Please, just keep on doing the great effort, and you'll be like: "Thanks GOD that i didn't care about these things in my initial days, because if i did care about these things, I wouldn't be here today!"


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Congratulations! :)

You've finished today's reading...

Now, there's only one thing to do. As you've just read it, you'll be having a lot of questions in mind right now. So, just type them down below in the comments section and hit the publish button. I will be more than happy to assist you in any kind of question that you might have! :)

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